Happy Halloween!

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Hey everyone! This’ll be my first post on my website! So excitedddd. I woke up this morning at 5:00 to do this makeup for school! The first time I attempted this– it took me SIX hours!! Today I cut it down to 2 1/2, so it’s nice to know I can do it faster should I need to.

This look is a recreation of a look by Desi Perkins (famous YouTuber/beauty guru) and I will have her video on how to do this look linked here. I followed the video exactly how she did it and if you wanted to do it yourself I recommend doing the same.

In the video, Desi uses fancy Mehron face paint and such, but I just had what I had so I thought I would list the alternatives for you guys so you could try it without going out and buying a bunch of stuff.

For the white part of the face, I just used a NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk and blended  it out with a foundation brush. The black is all liquid and gel liners. I started by using the felt tip eyeliner pen to outline where the drips go, and then worked my way in with the gel liner, using black and grey eyeshadows in order to create depth and dimension. You could use black face paint, but the stuff I got from Target for a dollar didn’t hold up too well.

In the video, Desi uses Mehron 3D Gel, a flesh toned sort of liquid latex. I would have had to buy the Mehron from Amazon and didn’t get the chance. However, I definitely recommend purchasing the Mehron, as it looks much cleaner, it’s probably easier, and will hold up longer. I will link the Amazon page to buy it here! I ended up just melting some foundation in the microwave, dripping it down my face, and then blowing my face with a hair dryer to melt the drips a little more. Like I said– buy the Mehron. XD

I had so much fun recreating this look today!! Thanks for reading guys, and lemme know what you think of the site. Future blog posts will include step-by-step tutorials (with photos) and random tips/tricks! Thanks!!!! <3333

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