Hitting 14,000 Followers in 2 Days

Hey guys!

My Instagram, @makeupbyvnnmarie__ , is the focus of my social media output. I post the most and put the most work into making my Instagram feed as good as it can get! Instagram is essentially the biggest social media platform and has been for the last couple years.

That being said, I try and post several times a week in order to give followers new looks/inspo to view and use! A while back, I had my first ‘viral’ photo– and by viral I don’t mean my eye makeup look of the day was a household image within 24 hours, but the photo most likely was shown on lots of explore pages for lots of users and got more likes/comments than my posts would usually get. Normally, my photos would receive something around a couple hundred likes at maximum. This post received over 1,000 likes! I was ecstatic! So, from that point on, I tried to work towards tailoring posts to my audiences’ preferences (ie., photo orientation, pops of color on the eyes, etc.).

On July 4th, I posted this photo:

Viral Post,

Most of my photos get something around 1,000 likes. Sometimes there’s an occasional three or four thousand likes. And with posts gaining more and more momentum, they attract more followers, and more follower engagement– comments, the following on other platforms, more viewers on live streams, etc. Follower engagement is super important!

This particular post ‘blew up’, and at the moment sits at around 35,000 likes and counting. This post was even liked by Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Instagram account! One of my ultimate goals is to have one of my photos reposted by ABH!

Anyway, as this photo continued to receive likes, comments, shares, etc. So, as the photo continued to receive attention, my follower count continued to grow. Around midnight on July 4th I had reached 10,000, and prior to this post I was slowly growing and had around 8,000 something followers. As of 1:30 PM, July 6th, I have roughly 14,500 followers! Which is insanely neat! More followers means more internet friends to chat with about makeup, more viewers to create content for, etc, etc.

Needless to say I’m very excited about what is to come and the direction I hope to grow in as I continue to make content and engage with friends on the internet and all that good stuff.

Thank you for reading, thank you for following, thanks for watching, etc– you guys are the best!!



AnnMarie Taylor

P.S.– A giveaway is coming your way VERY soon via my Instagram: @makeupbyvnnmarie__

Be sure to follow me there and stay tuned!!


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