My name is AnnMarie Taylor, I am 18 years old, and I live in Richmond, Virginia.

My passion for makeup began in middle school, in the eighth grade. Truthfully, I wish I had some kind of inspirational, quirky cute reason/story to explain why I got into it. But alas, the guy I “like-liked” had a girlfriend and she wore a lot of makeup (for a middle schooler), and I wanted to look like she did– I had always thought she was super pretty. So, I went to an Ulta for the first time and bought a Stila Stay All Day Foundation that was five shades too dark and a L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Duo that contained the silveriest of silver eyeshadows, and the darkest, most glittery black– and I went to work. Nonetheless, here we are four years later and I’m extremely passionate about my artistry.

Over the last few years as I’ve developed my skills and technique, and built my collection. I’ve been influenced by more than one surrounding of mine. I draw inspiration from brands and their products, from beauty influencers, nature, friends, and family.

As I’ve continued to round out my skills and repertoire, others have noticed my talent and asked for my advice, as well as my services for special occasions. I did my friends’ homecoming and prom makeup for a couple years, then came to realize doing makeup on others is something I find true joy and happiness in.

For about the last year I’ve started working on expanding my clientele to more women in my area through social media networking, references, online porfolios, etc. I’ve always taken pride in my work and will continue to do so as I work my way through college, freelancing on the side. I’m looking forward to seeing what my future holds as an artist, and can’t wait to see what this community has in store for me!


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