Upcoming Homecoming Dates

It’s that time of year! School is back in session, which means we’re only weeks away from homecoming dances! Eeekk!! I’ll continue to update this page as more dates/times become available. Check below for your school’s homecoming dance date/time, and start planning out your dinner plans, photo ops, and hair and makeup appointments! I’d love to put you in the books for an appointment for your special night– just use the Services tab to submit a request to book! You can also view my Portfolio to check out my work on previous clients! I look forward to working with you!


October Homecomings

Lee Davis High School: TBD (Probably October 7th)

Patrick Henry High School: October 14th, 7:00 PM

Atlee High School: October 14th, 8:00 PM

Hanover High School: October 21st, 6:00 PM






Now booking for 2017 fall/winter months!

I am now booking new/returning clients for the upcoming fall and winter months!

Appointments for homecoming dances, weddings, senior portraits, and other special occasions coming up in the next few months are now up for grabs! (Events further into the future are welcome too!)

Reminder: I am located in Richmond, Virginia. Each case varies, however, travel up to 2 hours (for multi-client events only) is all I can offer at the moment. Individual clients can either travel to me or vice versa. Details will be worked out once you are in the books!

How do I book an appointment?

I’d love to work with you, so, if you have something coming up in the next few months, visit the Book Me tab on the site to submit your info and we’ll get started! I look forward to hearing from you!

Please do not book with the intention of keeping a spot for yourself ‘in-case’ you need it. All bookings are legitimate appointments, and should you not show up, I lose the time I could be using with a paying client, and the money I could be making from that time. Book with the intention of showing up. 

So, the real question is– How much does it cost?

Full face makeup applications are $60.00 (includes false lash application), and a travel fee if applicable.

How does my pricing compare to other artists in the area?

Typically, makeup artists charge at least $75.00 per full face application, and depending on your artist, that may or may not include a false eyelash application (something I consider a must have!). Take a look at a few examples I’ve gathered from artists/studios here in Richmond.

Avenue 42, Makeup Application — $75-$125+

Elle Style Studio RVA, Makeup Application — $85+

Richmond Makeup Artist, Traditional Makeup Application — $75+

Why are my prices lower than the average artist?

I aim to keep my application fees as low as I can in order to book more clients. I want to work on expanding clientele before worrying about generating some kind of revenue. $60.00 is a good deal for a full face makeup application by someone who knows what they’re doing! Feel free to browse at my Portfolio to see work I’ve done on others, as well as myself, or check out my Facebook Page to reads reviews by previous clients of mine!

I will work with you to get the end result that you want! Your special day should be nothing short of, well– special! I take pride in my work and want you to feel and look your best for your event, special occasion, portrait session, or just a night out when you wanna feel glamorous!


New photos, new things!

I’m so excited to share just a few of these beautiful photos captured by Remy Thompson of Remy Thompson Photography. I was called in as the artist for this shoot and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! From an edgy, dark purple lip on Miss Brenna Cantrell, to soft, simple, clean beauty on Compton and Maddy– we did it all! Remy will be sharing even more photos soon and has some really exciting things coming up on her blog TOMORROW! Be sure to check it out here.

Thanks for browsing the site, and if you’re looking to book with me for an event or occasion you have coming up, be sure to visit the Contact/Book Me

Photos by Remy Thompson Photography, Makeup by AnnMarie Taylor
Photos by Remy Thompson Photography, Makeup by AnnMarie Taylor
Photos by Remy Thompson Photography, Makeup by AnnMarie Taylor
Photos by Remy Thompson Photography, Makeup by AnnMarie Taylor
Photos by Remy Thompson Photography, Makeup by AnnMarie Taylor
Photos by Remy Thompson Photography, Makeup by AnnMarie Taylor

tab to get started!


Hitting 14,000 Followers in 2 Days

Hey guys!

My Instagram, @makeupbyvnnmarie__ , is the focus of my social media output. I post the most and put the most work into making my Instagram feed as good as it can get! Instagram is essentially the biggest social media platform and has been for the last couple years.

That being said, I try and post several times a week in order to give followers new looks/inspo to view and use! A while back, I had my first ‘viral’ photo– and by viral I don’t mean my eye makeup look of the day was a household image within 24 hours, but the photo most likely was shown on lots of explore pages for lots of users and got more likes/comments than my posts would usually get. Normally, my photos would receive something around a couple hundred likes at maximum. This post received over 1,000 likes! I was ecstatic! So, from that point on, I tried to work towards tailoring posts to my audiences’ preferences (ie., photo orientation, pops of color on the eyes, etc.).

On July 4th, I posted this photo:

Viral Post,

Most of my photos get something around 1,000 likes. Sometimes there’s an occasional three or four thousand likes. And with posts gaining more and more momentum, they attract more followers, and more follower engagement– comments, the following on other platforms, more viewers on live streams, etc. Follower engagement is super important!

This particular post ‘blew up’, and at the moment sits at around 35,000 likes and counting. This post was even liked by Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Instagram account! One of my ultimate goals is to have one of my photos reposted by ABH!

Anyway, as this photo continued to receive likes, comments, shares, etc. So, as the photo continued to receive attention, my follower count continued to grow. Around midnight on July 4th I had reached 10,000, and prior to this post I was slowly growing and had around 8,000 something followers. As of 1:30 PM, July 6th, I have roughly 14,500 followers! Which is insanely neat! More followers means more internet friends to chat with about makeup, more viewers to create content for, etc, etc.

Needless to say I’m very excited about what is to come and the direction I hope to grow in as I continue to make content and engage with friends on the internet and all that good stuff.

Thank you for reading, thank you for following, thanks for watching, etc– you guys are the best!!



AnnMarie Taylor

P.S.– A giveaway is coming your way VERY soon via my Instagram: @makeupbyvnnmarie__

Be sure to follow me there and stay tuned!!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette: HONEST REVIEW

To watch my review via video, visit my Youtube Channel:


Hey everyone! I’ve always been a huge Jaclyn Hill fan, and the minute I heard she was releasing a palette with Morphe, I knew I had to have it. One time, Jaclyn tweeted me and I near about died!

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 1.44.38 PM


!! My ultimate dreams:

  1. Jaclyn to follow me on Instagram.
  2. Be reposted by Morphe and/or Anastasia Beverly Hills
  3. Thats pretty much it lmao


Okay, so the palette– stunning, obviously…





The color selection, consistency, and pigmentation is superb and for the most part, consistent.

Pool Party, the bright blue shade in the left bottom corner of the palette is the real show-stopper. It’s a beautiful, creamy color that can be used in a variety of ways– smoked under the lash line, as a pop of color in the inner corner, as an entire lid shade. I’ll include a few photos from my Instagram below for you guys to see how I’ve taken on the palette thus far. Feel free to visit my page to see even more photos and be sure to follow me for new looks several times a week! @makeupbyvnnmarie__

Overall, beautiful quality, great color selection, good price! (Retails for about $40 on the Morphe Website)

10/10 Jaclyn! It’s beautiful!


Prom Appointments

Prom season is finally here!

Prom season is in full swing now that many of us are returning from break! This announcement details the process and provides other specific details regarding booking appointments with me this spring!

Essentially, it’s all in the timing! Booking weeks in advance will ensure that you snag your spot on that special day! Last minute openings do happen, but it’s best if appointments are made no less than two weeks prior to your event day. This way, we can talk through your ideas, as well as discuss the specifics of the look we want to achieve and be fully prepared come time for prom!

How do I book an appointment? 

Booking appointments is easy! Just use the Contact/Book Me tab on, complete the form and I’ll get back to you to confirm your appointment time/location! Feel free to contact me via email at, or by phone at (804)-525-0256.

Where would I be having my makeup done?

As for now, I travel to most of my clients. If other arrangements can be made, we can definitely figure out an alternate location for us to meet up and have your makeup done if necessary.

How much does it cost to have my makeup done?

I’m trying to keep my prices lower than competing artists in the area in order to increase the likelihood of booking more and more clients! Until I’ve created a ‘name for myself’, I want to keep my prices at a more affordable rate so that clients are more likely to book me as opposed to the next guy.

As of now, full face applications are $50.00, plus a traveling fee if applicable. Most artists charge atleast $75, plus traveling fees, and extra charges for fake lashes, etc. My applications include the whole nine yards: full face/brows/eyes/false lashes.

Disclaimer: I do not currently offer airbrush makeup applications, as I find traditional methods of makeup application better suit my talent and skills.

Feel free to contact me via email at, or by phone at (804)-525-0256 to book appointments, or with any other questions or concerns you may have!

Have a great day, I look forward to working with you!

AnnMarie Taylor



Happy Easter!

Had so much fun creating this look today!! I was inspired by some of my favorite easter candies– Cadbury Mini Eggs, to create this look with these colors today! Products are listed below. 

The yellow shadow is MAC’s Chrome Yellow, and the blue is MAC Aqua eyeshadow! 


PRIMER: @beccacosmetics Backlight Filter Primer 

FOUNDATION: @maccosmetics Face and Body Foundation in N3

CONCEALER: @maybelline Camoflouge Concealer in 10 

POWDER(S): @bennyecosmetics Banana Powder and @thebalm_cosmetics PhotoBalm Powder Foundation in Light Clair

CHEEKS: @katvondbeauty Shade and Light Contour Palette, @beccacosmetics Opal Highlight, @narssisist Laguna Bronzer, @maccosmetics Fleur Power Blush 

BROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony 

SHADOW: @toofaced Feeling Nutty and Candied Peach, @maccosmetics Brown Script and Aqua

LINER: @makeupforeverofficial Ink Liner

LASHES: @shoplashdreams lashes in ‘LOTUS’. Use my code ATAYLOR15 for $$$$ off! 

LIPS: @anastasiabeverlyhills Liquid Lipstick in Dolce

BRUSHES: @sigmabeauty and @itcosmetics
Hope you all had a great spring break and a great easter! 

Xx AnnMarie Taylor